Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My online video channel

WorldTV has come up with this concept of creating an online channel. The basic idea is to let you bookmark all your favourite online videos hosted on sites like youtube, google videos, et al and then organize them in a sequence so that they can be watched continuously like a tv channel.

This seems like a cool idea and there are multiple ways to put it to good use:
1. bookmark all your favourite videos in one location
2. create specific subject channels on say physics, wildlife, etc
3. concatenate a multi-part online lecture series into one continuous session

Although its hard to imagine people to abandon their television sets and watch online videos instead. Also these guys do not support live streaming and they depend on other sites to actually host the videos.

Final consensus: Even though it seems like a half baked idea for now it has a lot of potential. Speaking of potential here is my modest attempt at creating a new channel. Its obviously about cricket and more so about one of the greatest batsman of all times, Sachin Tendulkar. Enjoy!!

scobleizer ... i am hooked

It all started when i bought my ipod nano over the thanksgiving weekend. To sync my ipod i had to download iTunes. Since i had iTunes i started playing around with podcasts and thats when i came across this podcast which had Robert Scoble as a guest speaker. I think it was that crazy laugh of his that got me interested at first, i mean why would you invite someone with that horrendous laugh on your show except for maybe comic relief. Anyways a few searches later i was a little wiser and even more interested. His blog scobleizer is quite interesting where he covers a lot of new tech stuff often in video format which he records with that phone of his. In short i love his stuff and more so his energy, in fact i look forward to his blogs everyday.