Sunday, May 14, 2006

what the #$%# is wrong with the formatting??

one thing that i would want to change now is the formatting of my previous post but i just can't....... ;)

Life vs. Blogs

It’s unfair. What you blog cannot be unblogged. Although technically this is a miniscule task to solve I wonder why all blogger sites insist on not providing the delete or modify feature. I guess this is got something to do with the human attitude of wanting to go back and change things once they are done.

To think of it, blogging is almost like life, once done it cannot be changed!! There are so many things in life that you want to go back and change, may be for good or worse but you just can’t. Probably blogs try to emulate the same. They insist that what’s been posted once cannot be modified. This actually can be a good tool for introspection. People do a lot of things on the spur of the moment, right or wrong but at that moment they do things rashly, without thought and it’s only later when the moments long gone and the situation is way beyond control that they try to re-evaluate the implications of their actions.

So let’s try to use this tool to improve ourselves, let’s always try to understand the repercussions of all our actions and let’s work towards getting things right the first time around. Life doesn’t give you a second chance so easily, neither do blogs.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

its 'marriage' and not 'marraige' or 'marrige'

NOTE to Self:

1. Never write ur blogs when ur frustrated

2. Type slowly

3. Improve your spellings

4. Stop using copy-paste; they just propagate the error u made the first time

 .... and lastly.....

5. Use spell check, that’s what it is designed for..... ;)


    Today I had to attend a usual cliched marrige. When i got there i was, not so surprisingly, suffering the usual predicament: unknown people, mom introducing me to infinte amount of old people who could barely recognise me but were hyperexcited nonetheless, etc. One strange thing about the entire setup was the mass quantity of Nehru topi clad men, a little snooping around and it was revieled to me that the girl's dad was local politician. Hmmmm.... that explains!!! No wonder immediately after the garlands were exchanged these guys made a run to the food section and picked prime seats in the pangat . Losers!!!

    Nways, even though i hate politicians more than marraiges this is not the time or place to discuss them. Ok to continue my story, so i went on to the stage met the couple, cracked my usual jokes about newly married couples, et al. Down from there, i made a run for the food section ;) (hey thats the only interesting thing to do in such occasions). The plan was to have a quick lunch and get out of the place but plans are meant to be thwarted and thats what my mom did. She met a few other ladies she knew and they decided to chat till eternity.

    Finally after hours of prompting and making funny noises and faces my mom took the hint. Thankfuly after that we had a quick lunch, congratulated the parents, the couples and other hordes of people how directly or indirectly influenced the marraige and made a run.......

    A not so interesting expedition finally came to an end after 3 hrs...
    Long live the tradition of marraiges.....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

testing performancing plugin for firefox

Although i have been using a different plugin all this while for updating blogs even this plugin seems to be good enough. Actually the UI is much better.

Need to finalize on either one of these.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Mobile data card

Today i got my Reliance Mobile Data card, another beauty of the wireless world. Frankly i used to get terribly frust when the lights used to go out in the afternoon on weekends. I mean whats the use of a laptop if you cannot browse the internet just because you don't have electricity to power your modem!!

Well now i can actually have some undisturbed browsing time, lights or nolights!!! Thenga to the MSEB!!