Sunday, May 14, 2006

Life vs. Blogs

It’s unfair. What you blog cannot be unblogged. Although technically this is a miniscule task to solve I wonder why all blogger sites insist on not providing the delete or modify feature. I guess this is got something to do with the human attitude of wanting to go back and change things once they are done.

To think of it, blogging is almost like life, once done it cannot be changed!! There are so many things in life that you want to go back and change, may be for good or worse but you just can’t. Probably blogs try to emulate the same. They insist that what’s been posted once cannot be modified. This actually can be a good tool for introspection. People do a lot of things on the spur of the moment, right or wrong but at that moment they do things rashly, without thought and it’s only later when the moments long gone and the situation is way beyond control that they try to re-evaluate the implications of their actions.

So let’s try to use this tool to improve ourselves, let’s always try to understand the repercussions of all our actions and let’s work towards getting things right the first time around. Life doesn’t give you a second chance so easily, neither do blogs.

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