Thursday, April 27, 2006

i am back!!

ok so i am back!!!! Almost after a year!!! Yiiiiippppppppppyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

I always knew that i was bad at writing down things, infact i am outright lazy, just can't motivate myself to sit and write stuff and my first attemp at writing blogs just proves that. Nways now i am back with renewed vigor and pledge to update my blog everyday (atleast i hope ;)).

So what brings me back to blog writing and makes me so confident that i will be able to update my blogs regularly. Well the difference is firefox and its amazing blogger plugin. I am totaly in love with firefox - the flexibility and customizability it provides through its numerous plugins is just fabulous. The latest addition to the my collection of plugins is the blogger extension "Deepest Sender". Although it has a wierd name but its quite awesome, the fact that i don't need to go to the website just makes my task easier. The integrated blogger tool is made just for lazy bums like me.

N'ways lets keep our fingers crossed and HAPPY BLOGGIN!!!

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