Wednesday, November 15, 2006

trekking spree over the weekend

My last weekend was quite an adventurous one.

On sat i went to bhimashankar. This was one place which was on my wish list for quite sometime coz i was under the impression that it was a nice place to go to. I mean so many people had spoken about it that i just wanted to check it out for my self. So on sat i did get there along with 2 of my office mates. It turns out that a lot of things said about bhimashankar is plain hype. The place is average considering its attractions viz. the shiva temple, the adjoining forest with its rich wildlife (although all i could see was hordes of butterflies and monkeys, thats it). Overall a nice place for a one day trip/picnic esp. during rainy seasons as the place would be covered with a thick blanket of green.

On sunday, i went trekking to kothaligad. This place is a long way from pune, infact its close to karjat and takes min 2/3 hrs to reach depending on the vehicle used. Since we took a (slow) bus, it took us, adding up all breaks and stops , approx 4 hrs to get there. But thats where the boring part ends. Getting on top of this fort comprises of one of the most amazing and strenous climbs. It takes on a avg 1-2 hrs to get on top of the fort. Excellent if you are trying to get that tummy in. At the end of the 2 hr climb my limbs were crying hoarse. There is not much to see in the for as such since it was just a storage house for food and water but the whole process of getting there is quite amazing. On the whole it was awesome fun and a welcome change from my routing lifestyle.

Looking forward to more trekking weekends from hence forth.


Kunal said...

hey... i'd been to kothaligad too.. it was a fun and a very exhausting climb. But Bhimashankar is one place you must visit only in the rains. It's totally different then!

adeesh said...

I agree but my intention was to get a glympse of a few animals. It was more of a wildlife trail but alas... didn't see a single animal i hadn't seen before. Talk about shit luck :(