Saturday, September 27, 2008

Christian Invasion in India

For years the world has blamed the Islamic groups for spreading terrorism and forcing atrocities on innocent people. No doubt this is true. We all know about the Al-Qaeda, Saddam's Regime, the ISI and many more but this blog post is not about them.

For once i want to focus on the Christian Missionaries and other groups which cloaked under their message of spreading peace and education is really forcibly converting the poor and innocent villagers of India. This video i came across comes from a Scandinavian woman who investigated the immoral tactics of the various Christian Missionaries in Western India.

The alarming aspect of this video is that these conversions are taking place in one of the most economically and industrially advanced regions of the country. Such conversions are rampant in the eastern part of India, the collection of 7 states (also known as the 7 Sisters) which were very evident during my short stint in the eastern parts of the country.

The pattern is quite simple. The Missionaries would start by setting up a school in the one of the poorest regions of the state. They provide the children with free food and medical attention which attracts other people to the church. Soon they start luring more people by unfairly comparing Hindu practices and Gods with the Christian religion and if this does not work by promising them money or free facilities. The people are eventually brain washed and forced to denounce their religion and country.

Despite the amount of money and efforts invested by the Indian government in the Eastern regions the people are still largely under the influence of the Christian Missionaries. The people their refuse to call themselves Indians and detest other Indians. This was quite evident during my brief stay in the region. More than once when we stopped on streets to ask for directions the local people turned away totally ignoring us. Some times when the person did respond we were told to either speak in English or their local language and not Hindi (Our National language). This is extremely sad and disappointing as this happens to be one of the more beautiful regions of the country with a rich culture and heritage.

All these incidents make me wonder if this is a passive form of terrorism. Terrorism to me is a way of forcing an ideological change, they may be enforced with either use of violence as most Islamic militant groups do or could be a covert operation by providing false hopes and biased comparisons of cultures as done by Christian Missionaries. I guess this is for every individual to decide for himself.

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Achraj said...

hey, interesting to read all dat u've written....
u may be interested in reading an article that appeared in the TIMES OF INDIA today (6th October). U'll find the article at the following link:,flstry-1.cms

if that does work then do a search for an article titled "Kandhmal tribals caught in conversion crossfire" on the times of india web page.