Monday, July 24, 2006

Future of Networking: Human Area Network (HAN)

   The biggest challenges with wireless n/wing is that in multi-user scenarios its performance is quite abysmal, in fact the performance is inversely proportional to the no. of users i.e. as the no. of users increases the performance goes down. So how does one counter this limitation? Do we move back to wired commnunication? Didn't we just patronize wireless because wired n/ws are cumbursome to setup and manage plus the sight of zillions of cables is quite overwhelming. Also wired n/wing doesn't sound too well when we talk of 'Ubiquitous computing'.

   Okay here's a hint, imagine if we could simulate wired communication with the only difference that the medium (i.e. the cables) is dynamic in its type of material (i.e. wood, water, pads, etc.) or is the user of the n/w itself (i.e. our body). Research is going on towards developing devices which could be connected simply by touching them or keeping them on a table or on a mat. This is the principle behind HAN or Human Area Network. Infact they are all set to launch prototypes. For a through understanding go thought the following site:  redtacton

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Hey, but do you know how to use it & its effects on human body??

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