Sunday, July 23, 2006

My rendezvous with Wireless technologies

    I have always been intrigued with wireless networking and luckily my interests have always been well fed by unintentional events. e.g. i recently bought a compaq laptop (my first ever) which had wifi and bluetooth by default. Being a traditional desktop user these technologies were quite foreign to me and like a true rigid being i avoided adopting these technologies. But for how long??? Fortunately peer pressure forced me to take the plunge and this is what i was able to conjure:

   Not very surprisingly the first technology i embraced was 'Bluetooth'. Actually I am not sure why this was my first choice, may be coz blue is my favourate colour or maybe coz its the latest buzzword in mobile phones. I think later was more motivating. Well i got a friend's mobile phone which was bluetooth enabled and setup a quick n/w and transferred data between my laptop and his mobile phone. Its that simple! With this done i took a step forward and checked out all info on the net. Bluetooth is a promising technology but i was quite disappointed by its distance limitation, althought the idea of a cableless desktop is quite cool i.e. using bluetooth or infrared devices to replace the data and control buses in computers. Nways i moved on the Wi-fi.

   Now Wi-Fi was the real thriller. It did not have any distance limitations (offcourse using repeaters) and was more user-friendly or shall i say more networking friendly. What i mean here is, u could actually buy wi-fi components and setup a wireless network at home.
   My first experience with Wi-Fi was when i used my laptop for surfing in a wi-fi zone. The idea of comfortably sitting on a couch, drinking coffee and surfing was a real treat.
   My second experience was more meaningful and satisfying. Basically i wanted to backup a lot of data from my desktop to my laptop. After evaluating a lot of options i was particularly attracted towards the idea of setting up my own wireless n/w at home. So i went out shopping and bought a wireless usb adapter by linksys for my desktop. After struggling with it for 2 days i was finally able to setup an adhoc n/w and voila!!! Although this might have been the most expensive option but it was truly the most awesome one, worth every penny i spent.

LESSON LEARNT: 90% of the times we refuse to embrace a new technology because of our  Laziness and not because of its demerits, so get up and get going!!

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